Hooked on Lemon Drops

Picture to Come   Picture to Come
Wayne Peet
Andrew Pask
Picture to Come   Picture to Come
Christopher Allis
Steuart Liebig

Yes, another band.
Longtime pals Wayne Peet (keyboards) and Andrew Pask (woodwinds and electronics), "newcomer" Christopher Allis (drums/percussion) and me (the usual). For the time being, I'm billing this as:

Pan-Idiomatic Music: Analog and digital signal processors, acoustic and electric instruments, a semi-perversion of the traditional jazz quartet (sax/piano/bass/drums), borrowed musings from other traditions,
free improvisation, written music, shiny surfaces, smashing grooves, sound colors, throwdown . . .





From left: Christopher Allis, Steuart Liebig, Andrew Pask, Wayne Peet (aka Blinding White Light!)

October 2008, Culver City