Audio Kinesis Project


howdy, if you're here, you probably want to hear a (gutbucket) comparison of the audio kinesis thunderchild 112 (4 ohm version) and the audio kinesis hathor 1203.


they are both BOSS cabs.

what i did was record five loops into two boomerang 3 loopers. i tried to do a number of different techniques and sounds (though i forgot to use a pick on the roundwound stuff). i also tried to give a fairly good representation of notes on the low B string, chords, harmonics, etc. since some people want to hear how these cabinets sound with "dirt," i used a smallsound/bigsound tafm fuzz pedal (which has a clean blend that i was using) with an octave up mod.

using the same amp (tecamp puma 500) with the exact same settings, i played all five loops into both the thunderchild and the hathor, and recorded them live into a 2-track digital recorder. i tried to place the cabinets in exactly the same place and kept the mics in place as well. (i didn't clean my studio, so you hear the room vibrating, etc., at certain points.)

i also included some stuff on 12-string to give an idea of the range of these great cabinets.

all basses are fodera, but don't blame them . . .


1. 6-string fretted bass with (very dead) roundwound strings. rosewood fingerboard.




2. 6-string fretless bass with (very dead) roundwound strings. rosewood fingerboard.




3. 6-string fretted bass with (very old) flatwound strings. maple fingerboard.




4. 6-string fretless bass with (very old) flatwound strings. maple fingerboard.




5. 12-string fretted bass with brand-new roundwound strings. maple fingerboard.





using the same basic premise of recording a loop, i put it through the same puma 500 into hathor 1203 combination. this time i tried variations of the switches on the back (which are for smoothing and attenuation of the tweeter—i think).

6. 6-string fretless bass, strung D-Eb (higher), with roundwound strings (with plain Eb string). ebony fingerboard.