Jazz and Otherwise Bands Where I'm the Leader


Hooked on Lemon Drops
Longtime pals Wayne Peet (keyboards) and Andrew Pask (woodwinds and electronics), "newcomer" (well to me/us) Christopher Allis (drums/percussion) and me (the usual). For the time being, I'm billing this as: Pan-Idiomatic Music: Analog and digital signal processors, acoustic and electric instruments, a semi-perversion of the traditional jazz quartet (sax/piano/bass/drums), sprawling improvs/tunes that cover drum and bass to Viennese Landler . . . borrowed musings from other traditions, free improvisation, written music, shiny surfaces, smashing grooves, sound colors, throwdown . . .


The Mentones
Is my idea of what it would sound like if Little Walter played in Ornette Coleman's band - - and have a wee bit of country and some seriously out-of-control playing. The other guys in the band are Tony Atherton on alto saxophone, Bill Barrett on chromatic harmonica, Joseph Berardi on drumset and percussion. This is one of my compositional projects and, so far, I have 39 tunes written for it and put out the first 13 on Locustland. The second CD is Nowhere Calling and also has 13 tunes (a theme). We rawk. The third CD, Angel City Dust, is in progress, coming to you in 2009.


Tee-Tot Quartet
Dan Clucas on cornet, Scot Ray on dobro, Joseph Berardi on drumset and percussion . . . more skewed music from the American vernacular tradition (well, sorta). We have one CD of 13 tunes, Always Outnumbered.


This is a trio with two really great musicians, they always give me a run for my money - - I always have to be on my toes to keep up with them. Vinny Golia is a monster woodwind virtuoso/composer, Billy Mintz is a great drummer. When we do tunes, they're my tunes, mostly we do free improv on the jazz-oriented side of things. I first played with them in another guy's band, but we ended up playing together as a trio - - which I've found to be very gratifying. We have two CDs out, No Train and Antipodes.


Seconda Prattica Quintet
Originally this band was Eric Barber on saxophones, Alex Cline on drumset, Dan Clucas on trumpet/flugelhorn, Scot Ray on trombone, plus yours truly - - sort of my idea of jazz.

The new edition is with Michael Vlatkovich on trombone, Bill Plake on saxophone and Dan Clucas on cornet.


Lane Ends Merge Left
Andrew Pask on saxophones (Eric Barber played saxes until he moved to Washington state), Alex Cline on drumset, Jeff Gauthier on violins were the other guys in the band. Came out of needing to do a gig when two of the guys in Quartetto Stig couldn't make some gigs. The concerts we did consisted mainly of one long piece in six parts, "Paint as You Like and Die Happy."