Bone Structure:
Bone Structure

The first gig by this band was a door gig at NYC's Knitting Factory - - which G.E. Stinson, Jeff Gauthier and I travelled some 3,000 miles or so to do. We had our first "rehearsal" in Gregg Bendian's basement and then played the next night. We did a bunch of gigs elsewhere and then finally did a studio recording of live improvs in L.A. The funny thing is that the studio lost some of the multitrack tapes, so we had to use rough mixes that were on DAT as the basis of the disc . . . unfortunately, this means that some of the bass parts don't come out as well as I would have liked.


Bone Structure


Jeff Gauthier: Violins

G.E. Stinson: Guitars

Greg Bendian: Drumset, Glockespiel, Piano

Steuart Liebig: ContraBassguitars



Muscle Tone    5:10

Plasma Wave    8:22

Floating Bunraku    8:29

Nomad   3:06

Ether Or   8:01

Steel Hair    6:41

Spirit Box    6:48

Toothpick Fantasy    2:50

Demagogue   4:43

Lock It Down    8:31

Faded Sun    3:13

Mutoscope   10:11



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