Bone Structure:
Bone Structure

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Bone Structure


Due to some confusion about who was doing what in the recording, I sent this list to a critic who had mis-applied the sounds to different people in the band:

Bone Structure Notes:
Bass Parts That Don't Sound Like Them

Muscle Tone
Chordal Part @ Beginning

Plasma Wave
Chopsticks to Create Drone in 4ths

Ether Or
Opening Chords Are Bass, As Is Chordal Ostinato

Steel Hair
Looped Chord Sound and Noise Barrage at End

Spirit Box
Extended Techniques (Behind Nut, Etc.)

Lock It Down
Overdrive Chords/Feedback at Beginning and Looped Feedback Howls; 4ths Climbing Figure in Between
Bass Riff

Faded Sun
Smashing Strings





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