This is a selected discography of things that I've done over the years..

Les McCann: River High, River Low
(Atlantic, 1976) [LP]

Les McCann: Music Lets Me Be
(ABC, 1977) [LP]

Les McCann: Change, Change, Change [Live at the Roxy] (ABC, 1977) [LP]

Les McCann: Les McCann,The Man
(A&M, 1978) [LP]

Julius Hemphill: Georgia Blue
(Minor Music, 1983) [LP]

Rhythm Plague: Radio Free Dude
[from C.O.M.A. Compilation](1984) [CASS]

Rhythm Plague: Dressed for the Apocalypse
(KillZone, 1985) [CASS]

John Fumo: After the Fact
(9Winds, 1986) [LP]

Wayne Peet's Doppler Funk: Blasto!
(9Winds, 1987) [LP]

Vinny Golia: Blood and Concrete (1991)
[CD, Sound Track Album]

BLOC: In the Free Zone
(A&M, 1991) [CD]

G.E. Stinson Group: The Same Without You
(9Winds, 1992) [CD]

Michael Penn: Free Time
(RCA, 1993) [CD/EP]

Steuart Liebig/Quartetto Stig: Hommages Obliques (9Winds, 1993) [CD]

Duck,See Goose: Duck, See Goose
(Clandestine, 1994) [CD]

Duck,See Goose: La Decadance
(Clandestine, 1994) [CD/EP]

Duck,See Goose: Call Me Daddy
(Clandestine, 1994) [CD/EP]

Prometheus: Prometheus
(Deep Music, 1995) [CD]

Brad Dutz: Krin
(Interworld, 1995) [CD]

Steuart Liebig/Quartetto Stig: Lingua Oscura
(9Winds, 1995) [CD]

Steuart Liebig/Quartetto Stig: Pienso Oculto
(9Winds, 1997) [CD]

Brad Dutz: Making Ice
(Truemedia Jazzworks, 1997) [CD]

Steuart Liebig/Vinny Golia/Billy Mintz: No Train
(Cadence Jazz Records, 1998) [CD]

G.E Stinson Projects Compilation: Vapor
(Ecstatic Peace, 1999) [CD]

Gregg Bendian's Interzone: Myriad
(Atavistic, 2000) [CD]

Steuart Liebig: Pomegranate
(Cryptogramophone, 2001) [CD]

Steuart Liebig/Vinny Golia/Billy Mintz: Antipodes
(Cadence Jazz Records, 2001) [CD]

L. Stinkbug: The Allure of Roadside Curios
(Starlight Furniture Company, 2002) [CD] - - Nels Cline, G.E. Stinson, Scott Amendola, me - - all live improv at Bruno's in San Francisco.

Bone Structure: Bone Structure
(Cryptogramophone, 2003) [CD] - - Jeff Gauthier, G.E. Stinson, Gregg Bendian, me - - all live improv in the studio.

Scot Ray Quintet: Active Vapor Recovery (Cryptogramophone, 2003) [CD]

Steuart Liebig/The Mentones: Locustland
(pfMENTUM 2004) [CD]

Steuart Liebig/Minim: Quicksilver
(pfMENTUM 2004) [CD]

Michael Vatcher/Steuart Liebig/Vinny Golia:
On the Cusp of Fire and Water
(Red Toucan 2004) [CD]

Anna Homler/Steuart Liebig Duo: Kelpland Serenades   (pfMENTUM 2005) [CD]

Emily Hay: Like Minds (pfMENTUM 2005) [CD] - -
I play on one cut with Emily and percussionist Rich West here.

Steuart Liebig/Stigtette: Delta
(pfMENTUM 2005) [CD]

Choirboys: With Strings (pfMENTUM 2005) [CD] - - Jeff Kaisr, Andrew Pask, G.E. Stinson, me - - with a ton of live processing doing all live improv.

Ellen Burr: Duos (pfMENTUM 2006) [CD] - -
I play on one cut with Ellen - - I'm doing prepared bass.

Steuart Liebig/The Mentones: Nowhere Calling
(pfMENTUM 2006) [CD]

Steuart Liebig/Minim: Sulphur
(pfMENTUM 2007) [CD]

Mark O'Leary: Signs (FMR 2007) Mark with Alex Cline and me doing all live improv.

Steuart Liebig/Tee-Tot Quartet: Always Outnumbered
(pfMENTUM 2008) [CD]

Russell Bizzett: Tommy Bolin Tribute
(2008) [CD]

Steuart Liebig/The Mentones: Angel City Dust
(pfMENTUM 2009) [CD]

Rich West: Mayo Grout's Known Universe
(pfMENTUM 2009) [CD]

Chris Schlarb: Psychic Temple
(Asthmatic Kitty 2010) [Vinyl/Download]

Steuart Liebig/AKA STEUBIG:
Music for Desert Nights (akas01)
(bandcamp project 2011) [Download]

Music for Dark Rooms and Headphones (dmn01)
(bandcamp project 2011) [Download]

Music for Driving (dmn02)
(bandcamp project 2011) [Download]

Steuart Liebig/AKA STEUBIG:
Plains Music (akas02)
(bandcamp project 2011) [Download]

Ross Hammond Quartet: Adored
(Prescott Recordings, 2012)

Steuart Liebig/AKA STEUBIG:
Tidepool Music (akas03)
(bandcamp project 2012) [Download]

Patterns in Motion (dmn03)
(bandcamp project 2012) [Download]