1989 Fodera
Jackson Contrabass Guitar

Serial Number JCB49x

34-Inch Scale

19mm Spacing at Bridge

Fretted Macassar Ebony Fingerboard

3-Piece Maple Neck

Single Truss Rod

Macassar Ebony Top Wood

Walnut Body

Original Bartolini Pickups

Haz Labs Preamp

Hard Shell Case

$6,500 ($6,250 if you don’t want the Haz Lab preamp)

Shipping not included.


Selling this fabulous-sounding and -playing instrument. (Why, you ask, am I selling if it’s so “fabulous”? Simple, I have several other Fodera 6-string basses that are more “me,” this is the latest in, and I have two in the pipeline that this will supply the down payment for . . .)

I am the second owner. When I bought it in 2010, it didn’t have the preamp or Fodera case. I purchased an age-appropriate Haz Lab preamp from Fodera and got a new Fodera hard shell case off of Talk Bass in 2010. I’ve replaced the bridge with a 1991 Fodera JCB bridge that is in better shape than the original. I had the frets dressed by a good Los Angeles-based luthier/repairman.

This bass has been well played and well loved for its 25 years. It is not a showpiece, as you can see from the pictures. It is a player. Pay special note to the wear spot between the pickups on the B string side of the bass. The original owner had long finger and thumbnails, from what I can tell. Interestingly, this is the closest I’ve felt a Fodera to having a P-Bass neck (based on my memory of my old 68 P-Bass necks). I am not interested in any trades, bar one: 1986–1988 Fodera Jackson Contrabass with maple or ebony top (prefer the ebony), ebony board, walnut body, original electronics and two truss rods (yes, even though it adds weight and most guys don’t seem to like it, it makes a difference to me).


played into abelton live. some reverb cause i'm vain. switched between front pickup all the way, rear pickup all the way, blend of both pickups at equal (though i should have raised the rear pickup a little for volume parity). preamp set flat until the end, when i did something like a slap curve with both pickups up, then a massive lows boost with front pickup only for thuddy playing and then all highs with the rear pickups for chordal stuff.