This is a 1989 Fodera Jackson 6-string bass i'm selling, here.

These are the amps and cabinets that i used between 1995 and 2010, or so.

I use aWalter Woods stereo amplifies. Small and powerful, with a nice tonal quality, they're great amps. I often use a tube preamp and tube compressor that each feed one channel of the Woods; the tube preamp is slightly overdriven to give a fuller and more expressive sound.

I'm using an Ampeg V4-B and Fender Bassman 100 (both from the 1970s) for certain bands (The Mentones, Tee-Tot Quartet). Tubes, baby!

I use two Harry Kolbe cabinets consisting of one 12-inch speaker each.





One Effects Set-Up
March 2005