G.E. Stinson:

This is a CD is made up of seven tracks by six different bands that G.E. either put together or was part of the collective. He and I are the common players on all of them.




G.E. Stinson: Extech Guitars (tracks 1-7)

Steuart Liebig: ContraBassguitars, Applied Tools and Technology (tracks 1-7)

Kaoru: Voice, Toys/Percussion/Electronics (tracks 2, 4, 7)

Nels Cline: Guitars (tracks 4, 6)

Jeff Gauthier: Violins (tracks 3, 6)

John Fumo: Trumpet (tracks 2, 7)

DJ Chowderhead (Dave Mosso): Beats, Turntables (tracks 2, 7)

Brian Chistopherson: Drums (track 1)

Andrew Van Ah: Guitar (track 1)

Gregg Bendian: Piano (track 3)

Scott Amendola: Drums (track 4)

Joseph Berardi: Drums (track 5)






mechanical ghost    5:44
(napalm quartet)

dream of water, part 1    11:51
(splinter group)

wooden horse history   11:06
(bone structure)

the pump    9:12
(l. stinkbug)

pocket   10:05
(unique cheerful events)

diagonal   7:37
(g.e. stinson string group)

dream of water, part 2    8:43
(splinter group)