Homler/Liebig Duo:
Kelpland Serenades

Sound Notes


Kelpland Serenades


Gear Used and Combinations in Each Tune

(RS) Ring Stinger (Lovetone pedal: crazy ring modulator with may special effects)

(DG) Doppelganger (Lovetone pedal: dual-LFO phase shifter, can have two different speeds running concurrently)

(MB) Meatball (Lovetone pedal: crazy envelope filter with different frequency modes and very variable attack and delay times)

(WB) Wobulator (Lovetone pedal: dual-LFO tremolo, can have two different speeds running concurrently, two different wave shapes)

(?F) ? Flanger (Lovetone pedal: crazy flanger/tremolo/noise monger pedal, different two different wave shapes and self-oscillation possibilities)

(VL) Volume pedal

(FD2) Fulldrive2 (Fulltone overdrive pedal, two different models, one for guitar and one for bass, having different frequency responses)

(FB) Fatboost (Fulltone clean boost, with tone circuit)

(UO) Ultimate Octave (Fulltone fuzz/high-octave fuzz boost, switchable between them, can get ring mod sounds)

(DL) Delay - - Three delays/looping devices were used: Electro Harmonix 16-second delay, which does backward, modulation, double/half-time speed/pitch changes, and non-double/half-time speed changes; Line6 DL4, which does basically the same thing, but does not have the non-double/half-time speed change feature, it also does reverse delay. Both devices do regular delay in addition to the looping features.

(LP) Looper - - See discussion of Delays, above.

Tracks and devices used on them:

  1. Super ball-stick on body, two loops, wooden ceramics tool
  2. RS (ring modulator) on fretless bass
  3. Palm mute/thumb with MB in massive low filter mode/no envelope, UO (with octave?), smashing top of bass with fist (with fuzz), fretless bass
  4. MB in high filter mode with long attack/delay/with envelope, VL, two DLs, DG, WB (?), fretted bass
  5. FD2 (bass version), slide or meat tenderizer (with UO), LP
  6. FD2 (guitar version), chopsticks, LP, fretless bass (?)
  7. Slide (?), FD2 (?), fretless bass (?)
  8. Alligator clips, slide (with and without UO), two LPs, fretted and fretless basses (?)
  9. RS with control pedal, fretted bass
  10. Tambourine tang in strings/against pick ups, hit body, three LPs, tang in strings struck with mallet, something rubbing on strings + ?F or DG, FD2 (guitar), fretted bass
  11. FB with behind the nut and behind-left-hand (stopped) right-hand tapping
  12. Two-handed tapping (?), FD2 (bass)
  13. Ebow with fuzz/overdrive (one of the two), DL, LP, ?F/DG (?)
  14. FD2 (bass?), VL, WB, DL (two?), ?F/DG (?), LP





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