Quartetto Stig was the vehicle for   some of my first projects that involved improvisation as a main component of the composition. I did three CDs with this band. The first, Hommages Obliques, came out in 1993. The music for this band has a lot of different elements: jazz, early 20th-century classical, rock, latin, funk.




Eric Barber: Clarinet

Ellen Burr: Flutes

Alex Cline: Drumset and Percussion

John Fumo: Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Jeff Gauthier: 4- and 5-String Electric Violins

Scot Ray: Trombone

Steuart Liebig: C, Eb and Bb Contrabassguitars and Compositions


The Soloists

Tom Varner: French Horn

Mark Dresser: Contrabass and Giffus

Vinny Golia: Sopranino Saxophone

Nels Cline: Electric Guitar


widening circles reach across the world    14:58

the motionless blue of fallen skies    21:48

flare up like flame and create dark shadows    17:48

the darkness of each endless fall    17:23






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