Nels Cline
I've known and played with Nels for almost 30 years (yep, we're old). Great guitar player and inspiration to me.

Alex Cline
Alex is an amazing musician. He has done stuff on drumset that had my mouth agape. This isn't his site, but check it out.

G.E. Stinson
I've had the pleasure of played with Mr. Stinson for almost 14 years now . . . great guitarist and one of my closest musical partners.

Bill Barrett
Bill plays chromatic harmonica in the Mentones. He might be the Albert Ayler (or Anthony Braxton) of the chromatic harmonica.

Jeff Gauthier
Violinist/composer/concert promoter/label head . . . and all-around nice guy.

Joseph Berardi
I've known Joe for a long time, we've played together in Unique Cheerful Events and now the Mentones. An amazing drummer/percussionist who also plays keyboards and writes.

Mark Dresser
Mark is a great composer and bassist - - and inspiration. Really, this guy has the goods.

Vinny Golia
New music kingpin of Los Angeles and founder of Nine Winds Records - - not to mention being an absolute master of about a million wind instruments and prolific composer . . . a veritable force of nature.

Harris Eisenstadt
Rising star of both drums and composition.

Kris Tiner
Another rising star - - plays a mean trumpet and writes music . . . and he paints, too!

Jeff Kaiser
Trumpet player/composer/conductor/concert promoter/label head . . . and the King of Ventura.

Anna Homler
Vocalist/sonic alchemist . . .

Scott Amendola
Great drummer, played with a million people, has some really nice discs out with his Scott Amendola Band.

Brad Dutz
Brilliant percussionist, played on a million sessions, wacky composer.

Gregg Bendian
Multi-threat, drummer/composer/vibraphonist, jazz/fusion/out/free/new music/rock.

Billy Mintz
Billy is a great drummer who used to live in L.A. and now lives is NYC.

Tom Varner
Aan amazing practitioner of that extremely difficult art - - the virtuoso jazz French horn. He also writes some really good music.

Michael Vlatkovich
Aa great trombonist and composer. He lives in Portland most of the time, but somehow seems to be able to do a ton of stuff in So Cal.

Ellen Burr
Flutist, composer, artist - - it's hard to keep track of all the stuff she does.

Emily Hay
Emily is flutist who's been playing in the L.A. area and been a prescence on the jazz/art rock/new music scene for many years. Also one of the three hosts of KXLU's Trilogy radio show (along with Bonnie Barnett and Michael Davis), which is an important L.A.-area show for new music and left-of-center jazz.

David Witham
Great pianist who somehow fell in with the disreputable bunch that I hang with . . . go to his web page and see the whole mess of people that he's played with.

Jeanette Kangas
Formerly know as Jeanette Wrate, she is another multi-threat - - drums, percussion, composition.

Jeremy Drake
Guitarist and one of the shining lights of the linespaceline scene. He does really nice things with both electric and amplified acoustic (which is not the same thing) guitars.