Instruments, Etc.

Fodera Guitars
Enough said, no? Well, no. I've been playing Fodera for more than 20 years now . . . besides making what I consider to be the Guarneri of electric basses (or Ferrari/Rolls Royce, if you prefer car analogies), they are extremely cool guys. They also make good strings (roundwound).

Nordstrand Pickups
Mike Cooper and I developed some wacky pickups for my Foderas. a large 6-coil thing for my 1-pickup basses and a 4-coil pair for my 2-pickup basses. I think they sound amazing.

Rick Turner/Renaissance Guitars
I like Rick's piezo pickups a whole lot, besides . . . he's kind of a visionary.

I really like their Jazz Flats series of strings.

Raven Labs
I use their PMB-1 to mix my magnetic and piezo pickups (though they have apparently decided to hang it up . . . ).