New, Jazz and Improvised
Music Series in Los Angeles and Beyond

Crypto Night

A great place to play, hang and hear great music. A good place to eat food cooked in the tradition of El Salvador. Brought to you by the folks that do Cryptogramophone. NOW ON HAITUS.

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A wonderful series run by some great musicians in beautiful downtown L.A. NOW ON HAITUS.

Rocco's/Club Metropol
After a bit of hiatus, Rocco Samozi is back in gear. Rocco has had a heck of a lot of great music presented in his clubs over the years.

Ventura New Music Concert Series
There is creative music in Ventura, California. Hosted by the folks at pfMENTUM and New Creative Music, these concerts often take place at Ventura City Hall. NOW ON HAITUS.

Lira Productions/Harbor City College Music Series