The Meninas Quartet

Version 1: Two Trumpets

Brad Dutz
Jeff Kaiser
Kris Tiner
Steuart Liebig


Version 1: Two Alto Saxophones

Brad Dutz
Andrew Pask
Brain Walsh
Steuart Liebig



The inspiration for this project is my fascination with the Rennaisance madrigal (and composers like Monteverdi, D'India, Gesualdo) - - also the fact that some more contemporary/20th-century composers (like Ligeti. Martinu, Hindemith, Crumb, etc.) have also adopted the name/form.


The first "book" of this quartet is for two trumpets, contrabassguitars and drumset, and includes Brad Dutz , Jeff Kaiser and Kris Tiner. Ten of the pieces were finished in July 2005 and the first performance occurred in that same month; two more pieces were finished in August 2005.

The second "book" of this quartet is for two alto saxophones, contrabassguitars and drumset, and includes Brad Dutz, Andrew Pask and Brian Walsh (pics to come later). The 12 tunes were completed between March and April 2006.

The first version of this band had Harris Eisenstadt in the drum chair, but he's moved (back) to New York.


This is sort of a visual reference of what's going on.







Harris Eisenstadt, Me, Kris Tiner, Jeff Kaiser
28 July 2005