The Mentones

Tony Atherton
Bill Barrett
Joseph Berardi
Steuart Liebig

Is my idea of what it would sound like if Little Walter played in Ornette Coleman's band - - and have a wee bit of country and some seriously out-of-control playing. The other guys in the band are Tony Atherton on alto saxophone, Bill Barrett on chromatic harmonica, Joseph Berardi on drumset and percussion. This is one of my compositional projects and I've written 39 tunes for it. The first 13 are on our first disc "Locustland." The second group of 13 tunes is on "Nowhere Calling," released in May 2006. Our third CD,
"Angel City Dust," was released in May 2009.










The Mentones rocked (if i say so myself) at the 2009 Trummerflora Collective Spring Reverb.

Nathan Hubbard posted two tunes from our set there at YouTube:

Peach Tree

Lighting Bug