This band is one of my main compositional projects.

Minim (Version 1)

Jeff Gauthier
Ellen Burr
Jeanette Kangas
Steuart Liebig

The other people in Minim version 1 are Ellen Burr on flutes, Jeff Gauthier on violins and Jeanette Kangas (formerly Wrate) on drums/percussion/ vibraphone. It's in my more "third-stream" style of writing (which combines my love of "serious" composition and free improvisation), which I first started doing in Quartetto Stig. One of the pieces we've done is a collaboration with Belinda Cheng of the Auricle Dance Company called "A Single Rosehip Bursts in Praise." Other pieces are a 23-part piece, "Mosaic," and "Chrysthanthemum."



Minim (Version 2)

Andrew Pask
Sara Schoenbeck
Brad Dutz
Steuart Liebig


Minim version 2 consists of Andrew Pask on clarinets, Sara Schoenbeck on bassoon and Brad Dutz on drums/percussion/marimba (Jeanette has moved to San Diego!). Pieces are the 23-part "Kaleidoscope," and "The Cherry Blossom Is Only Perfecting When It's Falling from the Tree" and
"Necrological Pieties."




Auricle Dance Company in "A Single Rosehip Bursts
in Praise."