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New feature (hah!): Now and then I'll put up a free MP3 file of a live gig or something. It'll be up for a week or so. Go here to get it.

i'm starting to accept students, if you're interested, go here.



18 july

more video nuggets (?), parts 1 and 2 of a set i did at loop fest 2K10 in santa cruz, california, in october 2010: part 1, part 2

(audio and posted to youtube by my pal jeff duke, video and putting audio and video together by my pal anthony garcia)

15 july

here's more stuff under my AKA STEUBIG project. it's a companion piece to the first release under this project: some prepared bass plus soloing and some more free improvisations (sort of fantasias) based on jazz standard/songs. you can find it here: here.

30 june 2011

i've made a page of links to video documentation of performances i've done, here.


29 june 2011

you can find an archive version of a webcast performance i did back on 01 june 2011, here.

it seems like some versions of safari and internet explorer might have problems seeing it. firefox seems to work well (as does ipad).


08 june 2011

the second album for my project called DEFAULT MODE NETWORK is here: steuart liebig/default mode network_01.
this one is more electronic stuff, but no bass parts.


29 may 2011

i now have a a bandcamp page with two albums available (more to follow):

first under my AKA STEUBIG project and is a solo bass alb of sorts: some prepared bass plus soloing; the other stuff is free improvisations (sort of fantasias) based on jazz standard/songs:
steuart liebig/aka steubig

the second is the second album for my project called DEFAULT MODE NETWORK (which is somehow the second album for this project—the first will be up soon) is all eletronica stuff: four tunes are programming plus bass stuff that got mangled; the fifth tune is all programming and manipulation:
steuart liebig/default mode network_02


2 may 2011

i am now officially (!) a genz benz artist. i have few of their amps—and have been very happy with them—and finally hooked up with them in a more, um, official capacity. very stoked about this. check it out here.


3 march 2011

late start on a new year. sheesh . . .

the news, i was asked by cool net label absence of wax to do a piece for them. you can get to it here. it's under a project i call Default Mode Network—lots of abelton live damage . . . and no bass.