Archived News—2007


02 March

Busy times, gigs, recording the new Minim disc in January and now applying the finishing touches to the mixes . . . hopefully it's out in April or so.



18 May

Sheesh, busy times.

The Minim disc is "officially" out you can see it here or here. Audio files can be found on either page.

I think it's pretty good. Great playing by Brad Dutz, Andrew Pask and Sara Schoenbeck. Great sounds care of Wayne Peet. You can decide about the writing.


Something that's been banging away in my brain for the last few days . . .

What can you say about L.A.? Guy goes out with his wife to eat dinner, runs into crazy, self-absorbed and irresponsible people with no regard for much of anything, and gets killed over nothing. I guess it can happen anywhere . . . what can one say about a society/species that is capable of such stupidity?

Rest in peace Rod Poole.

The depressing details are here.


24 August

Now you can to CDbaby for the two Minim discs "Quicksilver" and "Sulphur" . . . so go buy them.

As always, you can also go to buy the CDs at


20 August

Guess I wasn't kidding about things being busy . . .

In addition to being able to buy my CDs at, you can also go to CDbaby for the Mentones' discs "Locustland" and "Nowhere Calling" . . . so I guess I should tell you to go buy them.

Go buy them . . .

The two Minim discs and the Stigtette disc will also be available there soon.

Also have new reviews of the Minim disc "Sulphur" here, including a nice one from Jazz Times and one from AMG (which is also nice, but a little off the mark in my opinion).

There're also reviews in Portuguese and German that I need to get translated (have some free Internet translations up there that are a little, uh, interesting).

Finished mixing the Tee-Tot Quartet stuff . . . will put some files up soon enough.

Been writing some new stuff for Stigtette, version 2 . . . two trumpets, euphonium and me. More on that later.


29 August

Apparently I'm on a CDbaby kick - - you can now buy the Stigtette disc, "Delta," there . . .

As always, you can also go to buy my CDs at


04 September

Even more new reviews of the Minim disc "Sulphur" here.


12 September

Yet more CDbaby stuff, this time for the Homler-Liebig Duo disc, Kelpland Serenades . . . you can find it here or visit our friends at