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New feature (hah!): Now and then I'll put up a free MP3 file of a live gig or something. It'll be up for a week or so. Go here to get it.

29 October 2009

Been playing some, working on comptuer stuff (music/sound collage)

Started a new page here: audio freebies. Go here to get it.


30 September 2009

I just found out that the Tee-Tot Quartet disc, Always Outnumbered, got a mention from Acoustic Levitation for best of 2008, here.


19 September 2009

I didn't mention this before, i got nominated for the Alpert Awards for the Arts in Music. Thanks to whoever nominated me! Pretty crazy. (Disappointing to not win, but what the heck.)

Been a wild ride this year. Finally got some reviews on the page for the Mentones Angel City Dust, updated the audio files page.

Starting to work on a future project loosely called Combines—computer-generated sounds and audio playback (via MAX/MSP), live instruments with processing; written and improvised stuff.


20 May 2009

Angel City Dust by The Mentones is now out!!! It should be up on CD Baby and iTunes pretty soon. Also, check to see if you can get it from our friends at


15 April 2009

First, Angel City Dust by The Mentones is pushed back a little due to an artwork snafu. Should be available soon.

Second, the Mentones rocked (if i say so myself) at Spring Reverb.

Nathan Hubbard of the Trummerflora Collective posted two tunes from our set at YouTube:

Peach Tree

Lighting Bug

Check 'em out . . .


16 March 2009

The Mentones disc and artwork have been sent to the manufacturers . . .I think it definitely kicks. Hope we have it by the time we play at Trummerflora's Spring Reverb Festival 2009 in San Diego on 04 April (come on down!).


29 January 2009

Been listening to the Mentones stuff we recorded a few weeks back - - imho, it's smoking.

Stay tuned . . .



09 January 2009

Happy New Year.

Wacky year last year.

Stuff happened that I thought would never happen in my lifetime . . . and the economy kinda took a dump too.

Still, we try to persevere . . .

Recording the next Mentones CD this weekend - - 13 more tunes of fun and games. Hope to have it out in March or so.

Hang in there!