Other Bands



Nick Kirgo, Chris Mancinelli, Camille Henry,
Nels Cline, Me
West Los Angeles, California, 1989 (?)



Rhythm Plague

Unknown Location
Nels Cline, Me, Wayne Peet
Santa Monica, California, 1983 (?)


At the Anti Club (Helen's Place)
Nels Cline, Me, Wayne Peet
Los Angeles, California, 1984 (?)



At Hop Singh's
Nels Cline, Me, Wayne Peet
Venice, California, 1985 (?)




Julius Hemphill's JAH Band


JAH Band Version 3
Allan Jaffe, Julius Hemphill,
Alex Cline, Me, Nels Cline
Somewhere in Europe , 1987 (?)




Kaoru Band


Michael Whitmore, Kaoru,
Brad Dutz, Me
Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica, Californis, 1993 (?)




Jeff Gauthier Grand Goatette/
Capricorn Concert


From Left
Jeff Gauthier (violin), Ellen Burr (flute), Andrew Pask (clarinet), Keve Wilson (oboe), Leslie Luchinsky (bassoon), Alex Cline (drums), Me (conducting!), David Witham (piano), Joel Hamilton (bass)

This was part of a concert with Jeff Gauthier's "Grand Goatette" (an expanded version of his quartet/qunitet, Goatette). This part was the premiere of a violin quasi-concerto for improvisers that I had written for Jeff as the featured artist.

At Cryptonight
Culver City, California, 2004