Press Kit


Articles that were on me or bands that I was in.

Bass Frontiers Article by Brent-Anthony Johnson, May 2010

All About Jazz Article/Interview, August 2006

Jazz Times Article, December 2001

Los Angeles Weekly Feature Article, November 2004

Downbeat Critics Poll Results, 2005

Entry in the Penguin Guide to Jazz, Volume 5

Pasadena Weekly Article, June 1999


The World's Most Dangerous Musicians, L.A. Weekly Article


Reviews of CDs where I am the leader, a co-conspirator or a sideman.

Hommages Obliques, Quartetto Stig

Lingua Oscura, Quartetto Stig

Pienso Oculto, Quartetto Stig

Pomegranate, Kammerstig

Locustland, The Mentones

Nowhere Calling, The Mentones

Angel City Dust, The Mentones

Quicksilver, Minim

Sulphur, Minim

Delta, Stigtette

Always Outnumbered, Tee-Tot Quartet


No Train, Liebig/Golia/Mintz

Antipodes, Liebig/Golia/Mintz

On the Cusp of Fire and Water, Vatcher/Liebig/Golia

Kelpland Serenades, Homler/Liebig Duo

Bone Structure, Bone Structure

The Allure of Roadside Curios, L. Stinkbug

Blowing Down Blue Sky, Splinter Group

Choir Boys with Strings, Choir Boys with Strings


The Same Without You, G.E. Stinson Group

Vapor, G.E. Stinson

Making Ice, Brad Dutz

Krin, Brad Dutz

Myriad, Greg Bendian's Interzone

Active Vapor Recovery, Scot Ray