Lingua Oscura

Tune Notes



Big Bang Theory - - out of chaos comes order.

Plums and Apricots Falling from the Sky
The Big Pay-Off - - A line stolen from an erotic passage depicted in the work of Henry Miller.

A walk through a Gothic cathedral.

Your Name Here
A quasi-Hip-Bop hommage to Charlie Parker.

Una Señal de Soledad
Slow, magical latin piece after a short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Ten Pielke Duinegies For
Ten variations on a theme based on impressions of Rainer Maria Rilke's ten Duino Elegies.

Ohne Name
Literally "without name," a tone painting based on
two real-life experiences.

Terribilia Meditans
My paean to James Joyce's Ulysses, in three parts.

Liquid Speedball
Jamming tune, a tip of the hat to that great, lethal combination of a beer followed by an espresso.

A Rose Is Eros
Inspired by both the female archetype and one of her symbols - - the rose.

Exploded Sky
After the paintings of Domenikos Theotocopoulos (El Greco); proto-surrealistic, ecstatic religiosity - - with a bow to Olivier Messian.

Dedicated, In Memorium, to Jeffery A. McCutchen.







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