Seconda Prattica Quintet

Bill Plake
Michael Vlatkovich
Dan Clucas
Alex Cline
  Steuart Liebig  

This band does material that has an odd assortment of influences - - different vocal music, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock. I guess the idea is to do a more contrapuntal (at times) version of the jazz tradition. The original version of this band was Eric Barber on saxophones, Scot Ray on trombone (thanks guys!) and Dan Clucas on trumpet. Eric moved to Washington state and Scot moved to Montana, so things got changed a little bit. Dan moved to New Mexico at the same time,
but has since moved back to L.A.

In addition to myself, Alex Cline plays drums. The new edition is Michael Vlatkovich on trombone, Bill Plake on saxophone and Dan Clucas on cornet.


If you want to hear a live version (from a mini-disc recording) of some of this material (cyanide), click here.


Seconda Prattica Quintet
at Cryptonight, 6 October 2005