G.E. Stinson's Splinter Group:
Blowing Down Blue Sky

Sound Notes


Blowing Down Blue Sky


Due to some confusion about who was doing what in the recording, i sent this list to a critic who had mis-applied the sounds to different people in the band:


Splinter Track Notes:
Bass Parts That Don't Sound Like Them


Power Chord @ 0:03/0:10
Chopstick Koto @ 0:43/0:47/etc.
Little Looped Backwards Curlicue/Leitmotif
@ 3:19/3:24/4:47/etc.
Counter Line in Octaves to "Regular Bass Part"
@ 6:24/6:30/etc.


Egg Shell Necklace
('Standard Bass" - - The Main Riff)


Snowman #1
Little Looped Backwards Curlicue/Leitmotif @ 0:15
Slide on Low Notes @ 0:55
Ring Mod Single Note Figure (Looped Later) @ 2:30
and following
Ring Mod/Clean Riff @ 9:00 and following
Looped and Transposed Variation of Ring Mod/Clean Riff
@ 11:20
High Harmonics into Loop of Same @ 11:48
Harmonic Figure @ 12:56


Low Creepy Reverse Delay Notes @ 0:05
Looped Riff Entrance @ 1:56
Flanged "Percussion" Part @ 3:23
"Percussion Groove" @ 4:13 to end


Blowing Down Blue Sky
Standard Bass


Sleeping Not
Starting Riff/Ring Mod Morphs and Loops @
beginning to end




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