This band is another of my main compositional projects.

(Version 1)

Ellen Burr
Andrew Pask
Steuart Liebig
Sara Schoenbeck

It's in the "third-stream" style of writing (which combines my love of "serious" composition and free improvisation) that I first started doing in Quartetto Stig. The original version of this band was Ellen Burr on flutes, Eric Barber on clarinets and Scot Ray on trombone (thanks guys!). Eric moved to Washington state and trombone was not a good match for the other instruments (and Scot also moved away. . . and became a bad-ass dobro player - - see Tee-Tot Quartet), so things got changed a little bit. In addition to Ellen and myself, the band is now Andrew Pask on clarinets and Sara Schoenbeck on bassoon. I also get to do some fun stuff using prepared bass textures.




Stigtette at Line Space Line
May 2005


(Version 2)

Also in the "third-stream" style of writing. I decided that I wanted to try a similar group with three brass players. So far the group is Dan Rosenboom and Kris Tiner on trumpets, and Eric Sbar on euphonium. I've got about three quarters of the writing done so far (August 2007). Instead of using prepared bass textures, I'm going to incorporate some electronics/effects for this group.