On the Cusp of Fire and Water

This is a trio with two really great musicians, they always give me a run for my money - - I always have to be on my toes to keep up with them. Vinny Golia is a monster woodwind virtuoso/composer, Billy Mintz is a great drummer. When we do tunes, they're my tunes, mostly we do free improv on the jazz-oriented side of things. I first played with them in another guy's band, but we ended up playing together as a trio - - which I've found to be very gratifying. No Train is our first CD.


On the Cusp of Fire and Water


Steuart Liebig: ContraBassguitars, Applied Tools and Technology

Vinny Golia: Clarinet, Alto Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Stritch

Michael Vatcher: Drumset, Popguns, Airhorn, Percussion


Flurries    8:21

Prelude    18:10

Aftermath    10:32

Transit    7:42

Undertow    20:27



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